Recent Updates

Detection engine is updated every 2 weeks

Q1 2021


  • Mar: New data source in LATAM
  • Feb: New vetting modules for IP addresses
  • Jan: New data source in Central America
  • Jan: New subscription - IP Reputation Feed
Q4 2020

  • SSL Certificate Issuer, CN and Serial Number (Premium and above)
  • Improved IP/ASN data
  • New data source in Europe
  • Screenshot of phishing page (Premium Plus and above)
  • New algorithms to identify phishing on second-level domains

Q3 2020

  • Language detection of phishing page (Premium and above)
  • New data sources in Europe
  • Monthly report of identified brands and their sectors
  • Normalization of targeted brands and mapping to sectors

Q2 2020

  • Support for high-frequency access to Premium feed (upon request)
  • New data sources in APAC and LATAM